Cabling & Jetting

We Clear All Kinds of Clogged Drains

Cabling A Line

In order to remove a clog from a sewer line, Connecticut Sewer And Drain LLC will use several different methods. The most common approach to clear a main sewer line is with a cable machine. This is a machine that spins the cable at a high rate of speed with a blade on the end. Because most blockages are caused by roots the blade will cut the roots it comes in contact with but does not remove all the roots in the pipe providing only a temporary solution. The roots that have been cut will start the growth process all over again and fill the sewer line in a short period of time. So, if there is adequate access to the sewer line, professional jetting is the best way to maintain a sewer infested with tree roots. On our trucks we carry cables that are a little over 100 ft but if the clog is further out you should consider jetting.


Jetting A Line

The sewer line from your home or business to the city main line is your responsibility to keep clean. So why not jet the line as an effective way to clear out the whole diameter of the pipe. Jetting uses a high-pressure hose with a variety heads for different situations. The jet is a machine that produces water pressure up to 3000 or 4000 psi which is necessary to cut through the debris (roots). Jetting effectively breaks up the clog/blockage that may have accumulated in the pipe over time and flushes it out. It thoroughly cleans right down to the walls of the pipe allowing longer periods of time between cleanings. Now for commercial properties, this is ideal because of the pipe sizing is generally larger and longer which makes this process a better option.

Cable vs Jet

If the clog is minor, it can be broken up using a cable, but not always the case because sometimes there could be a bad root issue. While a cable can usually get the water to go down, but that doesn’t mean the line is fully cleared. The Jet has been labeled as a technological advancement of the cable machine. Jetting breaks up material into small pieces and washes them into the city main. Jetting is the the best solution to remove grease and grime build up that stick to the walls of the pipes. Jetting the line is a little more expensive than cabling, however this process gives you a real peace of mine. Some homeowners and commercial businesses have been cabling their lines often but by jetting you will go longer periods of time before you have to worry about it clogging again. Using the jet is like using a razor shaving the roots where they are entering into the line. We are essentially giving your sewer line a close shave using high-pressure water jet. Our jet price is almost half of what the big brand name companies are charging. Jet with the best Connecticut Sewer And Drain LLC.

Here’s Why You Have Roots

Many property owners are puzzled when they find out there are tree roots in their sewer line. Most people don’t realize that is the biggest problem in the line. And here’s how that happens. Clay pipes are probably the most vulnerable pipes to root intrusions. Clay pipes come in segments of 3-6 feet in length and in a sewer line installation they are connected to each other using joints. Many of these joints have weak spots which the roots have a easy time intruding through them. Bad clay sewer pipe installations can be responsible for root intrusion, in time the joints weaken and the older the clay pipe installations the more vulnerable it becomes to root intrusion. Cast iron pipes are often used for sewer lines, however, despite its popularity as a strong metal, iron when used in plumbing can be very vulnerable and probably not the best option when it comes to keeping roots out. As water runs through the line over time the iron dissolves into rust giving easy access to root intrusion. Trenchless technologies are new ways of fixing or replacing sewer lines with minimal excavation. These technologies can reduce excavations and disruptions to your property. In conclusion, Connecticut Sewer And Drain LLC will be able to help you resolve your roots problems. As a property owner you should have an annual camera inspection as preventative care.

Ways To Help Prevent Sewer Lines Clogs

To prevent clogs in a sewer line, there are steps homeowners can take. Installing a catch-all to prevent hair from going down bath or shower drains, for example, is an easy first step. Also, encourage residents not to flush anything but toilet paper. In the kitchen, it is best to avoid putting certain items down the sink’s drain such as coffee grounds or leftover cooking oil.