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Sewer line issues can cause slow drains, water backup, and nasty smells in your home. If left unattended, it can lead to raw sewage or contaminated water flowing back up the pipes of your home. Similarly, undetected water leakages can cause significant damage in unseen areas of your home. Our sewer Camera Inspection service allows us to identify the root cause of your sewer line problem. Using our specialized equipment, we can look inside your pipes to determine the best solutions for your plumbing problems.

Are you looking forward to buying a new home? Our sewer Camera Inspection will enable you to avoid the consequences of having blocked or damaged pipes. This way you can save money on future costly repairs. 

Signs That You Need Sewer Camera Inspection

Nasty Smells:

If there’s a persistent nasty odor coming from your drains, it indicates sewer line problems. Request a Camera Inspection to find out if there’s a clog or damage in your pipe.

Slower Drains:

Slower drains indicate that there’s a clog in the main sewer line. A Camera Inspection can help you to determine if the clog is due to root intrusion or grease build-up.

Water Bill Increase:

If your water consumption hasn’t changed but you’ve noticed an increase in your water bill, it could be due to leaks in your plumbing pipes.

Water and Mold Damagee:

A leaking sewer line can cause water damage around your home, leading to mold and mildew growth. This indicates that a sewer Camera Inspection is needed to determine the nature of the damage in the sewer line.

Wet, Green Patches on Your Lawn:

Sometimes water leaks from the damaged sewer line and seeps into your yard. You may find lush, overgrown green patches in these places.

Benefits Of Sewer Camera Inspection

It Saves Time And Money

A sewer Camera Inspection can help in detecting plumbing problems without breaking down walls or digging underground. This way, it saves time, money, and energy.

Helps In Planning Efficient Repairs

We can inspect aging sewer lines to trace signs of corrosion and deterioration. This can help us recommend the best repair strategy.

Detection Of Clogs And Obstructions

A Camera inspection allows us to see exactly what is blocking your drain.

Identify Plumbing Issues Before Buying A Property

A regular home inspection doesn’t tell about the condition of the sewer system to the prospective buyers. A sewer Camera Inspection done by professional technicians can help you identify the plumbing problems beforehand and determine the responsibility for fixing these problems.

Why Choose Us For Camera Inspection?

State Of Art Equipment

We use a top-notch, fiber optic, waterproof camera to view your sewer line. The camera is connected to a flexible cable and lowered into your sewer line and through your pipes. The video captured by the camera is viewable on a monitor and the camera is also controlled by our experts. 


We are the best in the Connecticut area. Besides being experts in plumbing repairs, we are fully trained to identify the cause and location of the clog in your sewer line and find out the best way to solve the problem. 

Experienced In Sewer Camera Inspection

Most of the other plumbers aren’t fully trained in video Camera Inspection. Simply knowing how to turn on a camera and push it down the drain won’t solve the problem. You need to look for less obvious tell-tale signs to determine the nature of the problem. There’s more to sewer inspection than simply owning a pricey new camera. You need a team with a keen eye to notice the faintest details in those grainy images. 

Customized Solutions

We realize that no two clogged drains are alike. Depending on your problem, we offer customized solutions. 

Licensed And Trained

We are a quality team of technicians experienced in sewer line cleaning and clog removal. 


Our reputation precedes us. Years of satisfied customers attest to our skill, expertise, and high standards of working. 

How Do We Perform Sewer Camera Inspections?

All our sewer main cleanings include a free Camera Inspection of the sewer lines. The purpose of a Camera Inspection is to determine the condition of the property’s sewer line and to determine if the system is functioning as designed.

Equipment And Process

The camera head also has a built in transmitter which puts out a signal that enables us to locate where the problem is and the depth of the line. One of our trained and experienced technicians will insert a video camera through a proper opening. This gives the technician and homeowner a clear view of what might be causing blockages and what the next step might be to prevent it from happening again. If no problems are found we will be able to inspect to the city main. But if a problem is found we will then be able to recommend the best solution to fix that problem.

Common Problems Identified Through Sewer Camera Inspection

The most common problem is root infestation, cracks in the pipe, or pipe separation. You may not realize that these problems are happening in your sewer line. This may then lead to an unexpected backup causing costly repairs or replacement.

What Happens After Sewer Camera Inspection?

Depending on the nature of the problem, we can recommend either of the following solutions:


Hydro Jetting

Sewer line repair if the pipe is damaged.

What Our Clients Say

Our Drain & Sewer Clearing Reviews

Jaime Garcia

A friendly team showed up in the morning. I immediately knew that I made the right choice to contact them; instead of other corporate plumbing companies. They took care of the clog, showed me what was causing the back up, and even gave me some pointers on how to prevent the problem from occurring again. Their price was extremely reasonable. I trust this company, and will definitely use them again if need. Jeff and Janiece were so professional and knowledgeable they achieved what I consider the peak of customer service. there are still honest people in this world.

Wil Gonzalez

As an agent and investor I deal with a lot of contractors, so I’ve seen my share of good and not so good. The service I received was phenomenal! I called and was able to be serviced same day, I was shown my issue via the camera and explained the solution. Then after the work, the space was left cleaner than how it initially was! I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Thank you!

Rich Kendall

I am a professional insurance adjuster with over 33 years experience handling from small residential to large commercial property claims. My experience with Connecticut Sewer and Drain LLC has been exceptional. They were fast, courteous, reasonably priced and very helpful in assisting me in my investigation of a claim with some complications. I can tell you from my experience, it is difficult to find honest people in business these days - kudos to Connecticut Sewer and Drain.

Deborah Sullivan

I highly recommend CT Sewer & Drain. Within less than a week after I called them they were at my house. While it turned out that I did not have the problem I thought I had. Jeff and Janiece were so professional and knowledgeable they achieved what I consider the peak of customer service. By that I mean that despite my fear that this was a potential problem that could run into several thousands of dollars; I was really relaxed as they did their assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients request video Camera Inspections because of the following reasons:

  1. They are experiencing a clogged drain, water backing up in their toilet, or a gurgling sound coming from their toilet. These issues want them to investigate the deeper issues with their sewer line.
  2. They want to know if their sewer line is damaged. They also want to know the nature of the damage to determine the best solution.
  3. They paid another company to come out and fix the problem and it is reoccurring or the company never performed an inspection.
Some of the problems that can be traced with a video Camera Inspection are root blockages, cracks and in pipes, scaling, excessive grease build-up, or other obstructions.
A video Camera Inspection can help you look at the sewer lines for the signs of issues that require costly repair. If you are buying an older home, it is a good idea to determine the condition of sewer lines. Sewer video inspection can prevent you from dealing with headaches later.
The inspection usually takes 30 to 50 minutes. From there we should be able to give you a solid estimate and timeline for the recommended work
It is recommended that when you are buying a new house, do a sewer scope inspection to know the plumbing issues of the house, prior to purchase. You can also do a sewer scope inspection to identify pipe leakages or the location of clogs.
There’s a fee for us to provide a recording on a USB drive. But we do allow the customer to record/take pictures on their cell phone or bring their own USB drive.

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