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Expert Main Sewer Cleaning Services In Connecticut

We Specialize In Main Sewer Line Cleaning, Camera Inspection and Hydro Jetting Services

We ensure that a clogged main sewer line doesn’t drain your time, energy and money. Hire the experts today!

Is your toilet making a strange gurgling, or rumbling sound? Does the water back up in your shower drain? Is your drain smelling bad? These symptoms indicate that your sewer line is blocked. CT Sewer and Drain can help with that.

Upon arrival, we will identify the cause and location of the issue with the help of a Camera Inspection. Equipped with the right technology and expertise; we will either use (Hydro Jetting) Water Jetting or snaking (traditional cabling) or our flex shaft. This is a high-powered machine that spins the cable at a high rate of speed with a chain.

In extreme cases, the Camera Inspection may reveal issues in your exterior sewer lines that require more extensive repairs. Don’t let a clogged sewer line get in the way of your everyday life and compromise your peace of mind.

Signs That Your Main Sewer Line Is Clogged or Damaged

Gurgling noises

coming from your bathroom

Dark water backing up

from your shower drain

Slow-moving Drains

Raw sewage backs up out of your drains

Water backing up

into your washing machine

Water has overflowed

from a (clean-out) cap or pipe in your basement and/or there’s standing water on the basement floor

What Happens When You Delay Repairing a Main Sewer Line?

Main sewer repairs are expensive and time-consuming. You might think you have time to wait and see if the issue will resolve itself but it won’t. A clogged sewer line can lead to bigger problems. Raw sewage can be harmful to you and damage your property.

The following are some of the reasons why a clogged sewer line should be treated immediately.

  • Backed-up water creates extra pressure that can cause pipes to leak.
  • Contaminated water may seep into the walls and flooring resulting in harmful molds and bacteria to grow and breed in your home.

Why Sewer Line Cleaning Services Is The Best Way To Clean The Clogs?


It is relatively inexpensive as compared to other methods.

Chemical Free

It doesn’t involve the use of chemicals so it is easy on your pipes and is safe for septic systems and the environment.

More Effective Than Other Methods

It is more effective than other methods such as snaking or rooting. These methods might leave grease in the sewer. Water Jetting removes all these stubborn problems.

Ideal For CT’s Pipe

Some of the most common pipe cloggers in CT are concrete and tree roots. Water Jetting can clean some of the toughest obstructions.

Preventive Maintenance

It is an ideal way for a variety of pipe clearing and maintenance duties such as degreasing, descaling, de-icing and preventive cleaning.

Why Choose Us For Cleaning Main Sewer Lines?

We Cure The Cause, Not The Symptoms. We clear all kinds of clogs all the time.


We have years of experience clearing clogged sewer lines. Our experience, let’s determine the best way to resolve your issues.

Customer Satisfaction

Using our video camera, we inspect the condition of your main sewer line before and then again after we are done clearing the clog. We encourage you to view the Camera Inspection with us. By doing so you will have a peace of mind of what the current condition of your line is. 

High-Quality Service

While other plumbers might want to put a bandaid on the problem and walk away, we believe in providing quality service to our clients from the beginning to the end of service. 

No-Dig Options

If there’s a tough clog in your main sewer line, other contractors might just start digging and tearing your front yard to access pipes. At Connecticut Sewer and Drain we always try to save your money and fix your sewer problems by snaking or Water Jetting first. We revert to excavation only as a last resort. 

How Do We Clean Main Sewer Line?


Step 1 - Inspection

We perform a Camera Inspection to identify the problem and decide on the best way to solve it.


Step 2 - Estimate

We provide fair, competitive and accurate estimates on the recommended repairs.


Step 3- Unclog Or Repair

Depending on the severity of the damage, we will try snaking or Hydro Jetting first. If the damage is severe, we will provide an extensive estimate for excavation and repair.

Why Does A Main Sewer Line Clogs?

Flushing sanitary products or extra thick toilet paper can clog the main sewer line

Tree roots can penetrate the main sewer line through tiny cracks and start growing there.

Water, grease, hair, food particles and soap scum build-up to clog your sewer line.

If you have any emergency clog need, simply call!


What Our Clients Say

Our Drain & Sewer Clearing Reviews

Jaime Garcia

A friendly team showed up in the morning. I immediately knew that I made the right choice to contact them; instead of other corporate plumbing companies. They took care of the clog, showed me what was causing the back up, and even gave me some pointers on how to prevent the problem from occurring again. Their price was extremely reasonable. I trust this company, and will definitely use them again if need. Jeff and Janiece were so professional and knowledgeable they achieved what I consider the peak of customer service. there are still honest people in this world.

Wil Gonzalez

As an agent and investor I deal with a lot of contractors, so I’ve seen my share of good and not so good. The service I received was phenomenal! I called and was able to be serviced same day, I was shown my issue via the camera and explained the solution. Then after the work, the space was left cleaner than how it initially was! I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Thank you!

Rich Kendall

I am a professional insurance adjuster with over 33 years experience handling from small residential to large commercial property claims. My experience with Connecticut Sewer and Drain LLC has been exceptional. They were fast, courteous, reasonably priced and very helpful in assisting me in my investigation of a claim with some complications. I can tell you from my experience, it is difficult to find honest people in business these days - kudos to Connecticut Sewer and Drain.

Deborah Sullivan

I highly recommend CT Sewer & Drain. Within less than a week after I called them they were at my house. While it turned out that I did not have the problem I thought I had. Jeff and Janiece were so professional and knowledgeable they achieved what I consider the peak of customer service. By that I mean that despite my fear that this was a potential problem that could run into several thousands of dollars; I was really relaxed as they did their assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The “Main Sewer Line” is the pipeline that goes from your house to the city connection in the street (or to the physical septic tank in the yard)

Regular drain maintenance can prevent drain clogs. You may try a DIY drain cleaning method or try using drain cleaning products, but that will not clear severe drain build-up. We do not recommend using drain cleaners regularly because they damage your plumbing system and cause costly damage over time.

Other ways to prevent clogged drains are:

  • Placing a mesh catch-all to prevent hair, food particles, soap scum from going down the bath/shower and kitchen drains. 
  • Encourage residents not to flush anything but toilet paper. Even if it says it’s flushable don’t flush it. 
  • In the kitchen, it is best to avoid putting certain items down the sink’s drain such as coffee grounds, or leftover cooking oil.

Sometimes tree roots enter the sewer line through cracks or tiny gaps in the pipe. This causes jams in the sewer line. These tree roots are attracted to the water and moisture in the pipeline. Once roots penetrate a sewer line, you will inevitably need a specialist to resolve the issue.

DIY drain cleaning will not completely clear the clog. It might clear part of the debris but the issue will return sooner rather than later. Armed with the right tools and expertise, a professional drain cleaning company can remove most of the debris and clean your drains.

If water is backing up in your drains, it means there’s a clog in the water line. The soap scum, hair, and oil combine to accumulate in your drains and form a barrier. This means that water will come back to your toilet from the drain because it can’t flow out. A drain can help with the obstruction and allow the water to move freely.

A good general rule is to have your main sewer lines cleaned out after every 18 to 22 months.

Many people are not sure if they need a plumbing service or a drain service to unclog their pipes. Plumbing is a system through which clean water enters your home. A general plumber is trained to deal with the issues like leaking taps and water heater. He is also frequently hired to fit installations. 

Drainage is a system through which the wastewater is taken away from your home. A drainage plumber is an expert in inspecting drainage pipes, clearing a clogged drain, detecting leakages and fixing damaged pipes. 

If you call a general plumber when you actually require a drain cleaning service, it might not effectively solve the problem.

In order to remove a clog from a sewer line, CT Sewer And Drain LLC will use several different methods. The most common approach to clear a main sewer line is with traditional cable machines. But we also arrive ready to work with a flex shaft machine (high speed milling) and water jetter. So, if there is adequate access to the sewer line, professional jetting service is the best way to maintain a sewer infested with tree roots. If the clog is further out (not accessible by cable or not the best option for your pipes) you should consider water jetting.

Many property owners are confused when they find out that tree roots are clogging their drainage pipes. It is because there are small gaps between the joints of clay pipes. Often roots infiltrate through these joints. Many people use cast iron pipes for sewer line drains. Over years, iron dissolves into rust resulting in cracks in the pipes. Tree roots find their way through these gaps. An annual camera inspection can help you keep an eye on the condition of your drain pipes. This way you can avoid the need for emergency plumbing.  

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